Here are some screen shots of examples that are included in the wxHaskell library. The screenshots are taken on various Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X systems. When the screens look differently it is normally due to differences in the native look-and-feel of a platform. Many differences are intentional – one can normally specify the exact appearance if needed.

Hello world [source wx, source wxcore]. Let's start with the infamous "Hello World" application. Note how the status bar reflects the menu option. (Note: The "File" menu disappears on the Mac as both menu items are moved to the standard Mac application menu.)

Hello world on Windows 2000 Hello world on GTK (KDE/Linux) Hello world on MacOS X (Panther) Hello world on Red Hat Linux (Fedora)

Image viewer [source wx, source wxcore]. This example uses a standard file open dialog to open image files in various formats (jpg, gif, png, bmp etc.) and displays them. The windows example shows an image of a notorious Norwegian Haskell hacker skiing on mount Hood. Note the custom application icon.

That Barton Fink feeling Image viewer on MacOS X
Windows XP MacOS X

And an extended imageviewer with a toolbar and statusbar:

Image viewer on Windows XP Image viewer on Red hat linux with GTK
Windows XP Red Hat Linux with GTK

Time flows [source wx]. An old Fran demo! This sample shows how to use the idle event handler to implement a resource aware and responsive GUI that still performs heavy animation. A nice sample to practice on: extend it yourself with menus, status bars, and options dialogs.

Time flows like a river on windows XP Extended time flows like a river on Linux/GTK
Basic sample on Windows XPExtended sample on Red Hat Linux with GTK

Extended time flows like a river on MacOS X

Extended sample on MacOS X

Controls [source wx]. A sample that shows different standard controls, like buttons, listboxes, sliders, radio buttons, etc.

Controls sample on Red Hat Linux (Fedora) Controls sample on Windows XP (Classic)
Red Hat Linux (Fedora)Windows XP (Classic look)

Controls sample on MacOS X (jaguar)
MacOS X (Jaguar)
Controls sample on MacOS X (panther)
MacOS X (Panther)

FileBrowse [source wx]. A (very) simple file browser that demonstrates the use of tree controls, list controls and splitter windows.

File browser on windows XP
File browser on MacOS X (Panther)
File browser on Red hat linux with GTK

Grid [source wx]. Simple demo of the wxGrid control and wxGrid events.

Grid demo on windows XP Grid demo on Linux (Fedora) with GTK Grid demo on MacOS X (Panther)

OpenGL [source contrib]. Sean Seefried and Shelarcy have provided these screenshots that demonstrate the wxHaskell OpenGL canvas using the HOpenGL binding by Sven Panne.

OpenGL Bezier Curve on Windows
OpenGL Bezier Curve on Windows.
OpenGL Canvas on MacOS X
OpenGL Cone on MacOSX (Click image to enlarge)

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